Friday, March 20, 2009

Online Casino Software Provider Playtech Signs Deal With Marvel

The world of online casino software providers is a competitive one. When one provider signs a deal, their rivals immediately want to one up them. That could be the case with CryptoLogic and Playtech.

CryptoLogic has a deal in place with Marvel to create Internet casino games based off of comic characters. The deal runs through 2010, but the company will no longer be the only provider of Marvel comic type games.

Playtech has recently signed a deal to develop games based off of the Marvel brand. Characters such as X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man are just a few of the options that are now available to Playtech.

"This agreement is a major stepping stone for Playtech, as it will greatly extend the commercial appeal and cross-selling opportunities of our product," said Mor Weizer, Chief executive Officer of Playtech, "...our customers can now enjoy games with Playtech's market leading software featuring up-to-date Marvel film characters, which have a truly mass market appeal."

The competition between the two software providers will now become heated. If Playtech develops games based on the Marvel characters that surpass those of CryptoLogic, it could severely hurt the CryptoLogic brand. In contrast, the Marvel deal for Playtech will be useless if their games are not on par with CryptoLogic's already existing offerings.

"It will be interesting to see how the Playtech's games stack up against CryptoLogic's. It is clear that this agreement was a direct attempt to show that the Playtech platform can compete with any other that is available. It is a risk, but one that could pay big dividends to Playtech should they succeed" said one industry insider.

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