Thursday, December 11, 2008

CryptoLogic launches Spider-Man sequel game - 9th December 2008

One year on from launching its first Spider-Man series, CryptoLogic has created a sequel game, Spider-Man Revelations, which is due to be launched today.

This second game features a new storyline as Spider-Man battles the super villain Dr Octopus. The game includes new art, features and mechanics and it shares the Marvel Heroes three level progressive jackpot that links all CryptoLogic's Marvel games.

Mechanically, the bonus feature in the new game is completely different from the first game and CryptoLogic is offering more user choice to players by allowing them to reject an initial prize offer in the hope of receiving a better one. Additionally, the feature pays out in the form of free games with multipliers instead of with cash prizes like the previous game.

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