Friday, November 28, 2008

Marvel Slot Games

Since there introduction in 2005 and new additions (Thor and Silver Surfer) in 2006, this range of Marvel Slot Games have proved immensely popular with online slots players. This may well be in part to recent box office hit movies featuring famous Marvel characters such as the Hulk, the 3 X-Men movies, DareDevil and Electra. Due to the movies the characters of some these marvel slots are already household names.

Plus there's no doubt some very interesting comic characters that you may just be discovering now for the first time such as the Silver Surfer.

Each Marvel slot game (not including the Hulk Fruit Machine) boasts 3 progressive jackpots. All of these jackpots payout on average every few hours. Also, you don't even need to hit a winning combination. The jackpots are paid out randomly on any spin. So the more you bet and play the more chance you have to win a jackpot.

The 3 progressive Jackpots are:

Marvel Jackpot: Which starts at: $5000.00

Super Hero Jackpot: Which starts at: $500.00

Hero Jackpot: Which starts at: $50.00

All the games can be played for free and its quite rare to be able to play free progressives slots. Obviously any money you do win will only be free play money.

It's also a testament to the quality and trust of the Cryptologic software and the casinos that use them that Marvel have chosen to work with Cryptologic and allowed them to create these games using the famous Marvel brand and characters.

In 2005 when the first of the Marvel slots were released was the same year that Cryptologic were awarded 'Best Online Casino Software' and these new games undoubtedly helped them win that award.

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